The way of transfering jewelry

cheap jewelry online for costumes, on the other hand, is made of less expensive materials including glass, plastic, and synthetic stones. These days, however, any type of jewelry uses material that is less valuable than gold, silver or diamonds is known as costume or fashion jewelry.

But let's look more closely at these two terms.

In response to our title, then what is the difference between costume and fashion? Unfortunately, there is a fine line of distinction. As to the quality, materials, design and price should help clarify which term would best fit.

Some jewelry or fashion designer would argue that the wholesale fashion necklaces jewelry is generally considered less expensive compared to the fashion jewelry. Some jewelry often have gold plating on materials such as tin, nickel or aluminum, and may contain beads or gems made ​​of plastic or acrylic.

Fashion jewelry, however, is usually a step in the quality, the use of gold or silver electroplated over brass or silver accented with crystals, gemstones, or even semi-precious stones.

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