Linkffiti (Extension App which lets you link web content, the way you like it)

We start with a page that has no user links.

What is Linkffiti? Linkffiti is a new awesome app which works together with your web browser and website to let you add your own highlighted links to different pages. All you have to do is highlight some text on page and some text on another page AND you have easily created a link from the text in the first page to the text in the second page, and backlink too.

We then start creating a new web link by either highlighting content by dragging a pointing device (a mouse for example) or alternatively calling up the context menu. You can see the informational message that a link has been initiated.

Or you can create links with images too, by using the right click button to get into the context menu. The context menu allows you to store web page snapshots to your account (option 1), Store snapshot of links from either webpages or even links sent to you in your Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, etc... email (option 2)

Once a new weblink is started you need to point it somewhere, specifically you could point it to some other text in another webpage, or an image elsewhere. So, either highlight some text or grab an image with the context menu.

Option 3) Allows to select Web page paragraphs, images, or links to links to other Web pages.

The previous screen and the one just below show the backlink to the initial document, with a pop up preview of what is on the other side of the link.

Option 4) Allows you to unlink links you no longer find useful, or even unlink links that web page author put in the pages, you can unlink ads for example.

Note the preview feature of this newly created, ad hoc hyperlink. It displays the information to which the link points and enables you to see up front if you want to navigate away from the current page. In case of technical jargon definitions and such there is no need to navigate away from the current document. Moreover, the profile of the link creator allows you to assess if the content is worth exploring.

In the next example you opened the context menu over an image and are about to link from text in a different webpage to this image. If the image is the only thing of interest later there is no need to navigate to this page to see the image. It is displayed within the preview box.

You have created now a link, and as you mouse over it, the image and who you are appears in the preview display. Note that someone can click on your profile link and see if you know what you are talking about with respect to this content.

You are looking at the text to image link you have created from one page to an other. Needless to say you can create lots of personal links to help research and remember all the connections you thought about before. Neat, eh?

So, here we are. Linkffiti is an awesome application to usher in the holy grail of search technology, the semantic web. It will save trillions of dollars for the World economy by helping people find relevant content faster, reducing network traffic and in general make searching internet for information less annoying. Thank you for your complete understanding. :-)

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