Visual Web Directory! What is it all about?

This portal is not about pretty pictures, but you can make it be about that. This site is not about funky videos either, but you can make it be about that too.

It's about helping you collect, manage and present information of all kinds (text, images, videos, dynamic searches) in a way that leverages human physiological sensory strengths and minimizes human sensory weaknesses. It aims to help you extend your memory in a natural, stress free way.

This site is about doing your own thing, cutting your own path through the rough, and if someone else likes what you have put together, then fine, you are generous enough to let them use it :-). Enough already, with that sharing crap, right!

Picture is worth a thousand words? Ain't that the truth!?

What you see here is just the tip of the iceberg, this web portal is still in rapid development. There is a distinct possibility of technical problems which will cause loss of data.

So, use it at own risk. We disavow its suitability for any particular purpose and we will not accept any responsibility for loss of information. Any data which you may enter here is automatically licensed to CloudMarked.com on a non-exclusive basis to use as we see fit. However, all information will be used exclusively for the benefit of our users and for the service improvement.

There are currently two ways to add links to webpages, videos, and images. Once you successfully register and log in you will see a text box with an "Add+" button next to it. This method allows you to easily add webpage snapshots to your collections by pasting URLs from e-mails, search engines, browser address box. If a page is being added the very first time to the site, it may take a few seconds to create a snapshot, so, please, be a little patient.

The second way to add weblinks is by using a bookmarklet. Please, read the instructions on how to use the "Collect" bookmarklet. By pressing the bookmarklet anytime you want to "cloud" mark a webpage, you can grab that webpage's snapshot or any large image or video to be the visual link.

Happy Collecting!

p.s. to contact us, use the provided "Contact" link in the upper, right portion of the main page, or click on the word "Contact" here.

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